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    Requesting Feedback on a New "Try Jive" (trial) experience?

      Hey Jive Customers (and potential Jive customers),

      Michael Torok Sean Rivers Allen Enriquez Charles Edmonds Cliff Spence Jim Bruno Judy Huang Lyndsay Lantz Matt Petrosky Melissa Malacaria Patty McEnaney Skye Mayring


      The Jive Team is currently working on enhancing the "Try Jive" (trial) experience and we would welcome your Feedback! If you have either participated in a Try Jive trial, or are currently participating in a Try Jive trial, please let us how we could make it better.


      What would you like to see on an Overview Page?

      Would it be helpful to have "seeded" dummy content and users?

      Would you like (or have liked) the opportunity to participate in a group like this to get your questions answered? Or have a private one inside your try jive instance?

      Which aspects of the product did you need the most help/explanation on?


      Anything else you can think of? We really want to make the evaluation of our product an enjoyable of an experience for you as possible!


      Thanks in Advance!