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    Points assignment

    glsewell Beginner

      I recognized two of my team partners in the Jive community, but when I look at their profiles, I did not see any mention of that recognition related to their points. Does TemboSocial tie into Jive's Basic or Advanced Gamification for that?

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          Brennan Kirby Novice

          Hi Gregory - thanks for checking out TemboSocial Recognition in the Jive Community. Linking recognition events to the Basic and Advanced Gamification modules is definitely on our product roadmap, but at this time we're dependent on BB making an API available that we can tie into.


          There are some deeper integration points we leverage in a client's Jive instance like the !Bang app feature, Create menu and Profiles that aren't available in the sample Jive Community-embedded version you tried this afternoon. If you're interested in scheduling a 30-minute web demo, I'd be happy to walk you through a full integration at your convenience. I just followed you here in the community if you'd like to book some time in the coming weeks.


          Thanks Gregory!