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    Jive-x, SSO and nodejs implementation of SAML.




      I'm currently putting together a nodejs application that will serve as an identity and data provider for our organization. We have several application we've written in-house that will authenticate against this node app, but I want to add SSO for jive-x as well. Essentially, I want our external users to have one set of credentials to access all of our digital resources.


      The problem I'm having is that I can't find a nodejs module to provide SAML auth that jive-x needs for SSO.


      Does anyone know of 1) an alternative way to provide SSO for our jive-x community (without the use of SAML) or 2) a nodejs module that would allow me to create an identify provider (SAML) that jive-x could authenticate against?


      I've looked at using something like auth0 or okta, but our external users number @ almost 100,000 and the cost is too great.


      Feel free to point out any issues you see with what I'm trying to do.