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    Jive SDK language expansion to start soon ... Can you contribute?

    Ryan Rutan

      For those of you that following our Jive Software · GitHub repo, you may have seen the following projects created in the past month or so:


      One of the side projects that I wanted to kick-off this year was to try and establish a set of minimum viable components that we could include in SDKs for additional language support.


      We looked closely at the jivesoftware/JiveDotNetSDK · GitHub contributed by Nils Heuer, and believe he has a pretty good (if not exact) cross section for what assets we want in these simple SDKs.


      If you have any experience with the above languages (Go, PHP, Ruby, and would be willing to help contribute please let me know.  We will be putting in some more project structure into these projects over the coming months with placeholder materials ... and if you have anything you'd like to share ... feel free to jump in and share.


      At the current point, we are looking at the following aspects for the SDKs, open to feedback ... but please keep in mind we are going for minimal and some of this may already too much (until we get the coverage we'd like).

      • examples - a directory linking to projects related either to Jive + <Language> and/or projects in <Language> with code that is relevant
      • service - an example project (minimal) in <Language> with a project structure showing how to arrange code, etc..
      • addon - an example add-on structure that supports the project in 'service' - project will be manually updated, not dynamically updated.
        • Proposed examples to include:
          • Add-On Configure Experience
          • App - Simple Canvas
          • Tile - Stream Integration
          • Tile - Simple List
          • Analytics API - Example Call
          • REST API - Example Call (OAuth w/Refresh)
          • Webhook End-Point
      • jive_sdk - project space to pack modules that wrap aspects of the Jive platform ([api, registration, webhook] models, signed validation implementations, OAuth access/refresh helper, etc..)
        • Note: Separating Jive definitions into a separate structure is preferred if at all possible by the language.