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    Jive Implementation at Envestnet

    Patty McEnaney

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      Envestnet uses Jive for our employee community of 1500 people. We use Jive for knowledge management, internal collaboration, internal communication, and social networking through a "water cooler" site. We have offices across the US and in Trivandrum, India, so it is important to share consistent information and provide access to documents so our employees can find the information they need to serve clients. Our internal instance launched in August, 2014 and we continue to add users and increase member participation each month. Thanks to Ty Hyland, we have been able to look at new use cases and trial different modules for our expanding needs. We also have benefited from the  The specified item was not found. and Claire Flanagan's work (couldn't @mention Claire here for some reason) regarding the Member Adoption and Participation Ladder. As a new community manager, I have learned from participating in the Jive Community (JC) for Internal Community Managers. I also learned so much at JiveWorld 2014, where Jive employees and clients shared their knowledge in presentations, informal meetings and by making themselves available in the JC. I also participate in User Group meetings. And, today I participated in a web-based presentation organized by Jive featuring two wonderful speakers, Charlene Li of the Altimeter Group and Kristy Sundjaja of Jive client LivePerson, who talked about leading in an era of digital transformation. Last, but not least, I learn so much from reading the blogs and postings of Libby Taylor, who is the community manager for Jive's external community of clients, and is the "face" of Jive for me.

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          Patty, thank you so much for sharing your great Jive story! I think it's powerful to see a sizable investment services organization like Envestnet adopt and leverage Jive for its collaboration across all departments and locations. Thanks again for sharing and I look forward to continuing to grow the community!