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    How can I gather all "ideas" from different spaces in Jive into one space where we can organize them?


      Hi anyone who can help me,


      My company has a very specific ask in terms of Jive's Idea function and I'm hoping that someone else has done this before and can help me figure it out for our instance.

      Here's what we'd like to do:


      We'd like to allow people to suggest ideas in different spaces throughout our instance of Jive. These ideas could relate to any of our departments and products, so we'd like for our employees to be able to suggest their ideas in the most appropriate space in Jive. We'd create categories though that need to be selected when someone makes an idea that will correlate to these different areas and make them mandatory to select before the idea can be submitted.

      However, we'd like to make one space that will collect all of the ideas from across our community and make them all visible in one place. People can then go to this space and see all of the ideas generated by our community and sort them by category, status, etc.


      However, I can't figure out how to set this one space to collect all the ideas from across our community and I haven't been able to search out a solution in this Jive Community that can help me either.

      Has anyone ever done something like this before?

      Any help that anyone can provide would be super helpful and appreciated.


      Thank you in advance!