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    Invalid value for field name Hire Date


      I am using the REST API to update certain employee fields to values from an internal system.  I have gotten everything working, except for an Employee Hire Date.  The error returned is::



        "error" : {

          "status" : 400,

          "message" : "Invalid value for field name Hire Date",

          "context" : "peopleInvalidFieldValue"




      I followed the date specification from Jive REST Rest API v3.10 and the formatted date i am sending appears to me to be correct.  Here is the sample JSON that i am putting to /api/core/v3/people/{ID}


      {"emails":[{"jive_label":"Email","primary":true,"type":"work","value":"XXXX@XXXX.com"}],"name":{"familyName":"XXXX","givenName":"XXXX"},"jive":{"profile":[{"jive_label":"Hire Date","value":"2003-05-05T00:00:00.000-0800"}],"username":"XXXX@XXXX.com"},"Location":"XXXX"}


      Anyone see the issue?