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    Jive Tools / Tech   explained in Layman Terms.


      Hi Jivers,


                        Over the past  one or two Year, Jive has moved on to quickly  adapt & innovate using the developments in Technology world (which is  speciality of Jive) .
      We are not restricted to Customizations in terms of Plugins and Themes anymore. Many  new  techniques  & integration technology have come out .


      Could any one explain which tool  among the mentioned should be used in which scenarios ? (preferably with example  )


      Jive App , Jive Add-on , Jive Webhook integrations , Jive Tile Development , Jive Cartridge , Jive Rest APIs   any  pointer to  how it is different from Previous Plugin Developments  would be useful .


      When to go for  which feature is what I am looking for .  If there is already such a document , could you point me to it ?