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    5/21 Meet-up: Scenario #1

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      If you missed the RMUG Meet-up on 5/21/15, here's your chance to contribute to the conversation! Below is the first scenario we discussed during our Community Manager Workshop. Add your thoughts and ideas below to continue the conversation!


      Scenario: Social Content Cleanout


      Your Jive instance has now been live for 2 years. Your workforce relies on the site for daily resources and questions. Employees trust that the site’s information is relevant and accurate. You and your users have noticed that some social content (discussions, blogs, polls) have become out-of-date or irrelevant. For example, a question from 2012 about site functionality may no longer have an accurate answer. As you strive for a more engaged user-base, how do you maintain an up-to-date site? What is your immediate solution for removing blatantly out of date content? What is your long-term strategy for continuous clean-out?


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