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    Using blogs with activity page tiles in Jive 8

    Tim Gray

      We are currently on Jive 7 and are starting to think about a migration to Jive 8.   In our current instance we have not promoted the activity page/tiles features, but it seems this is becoming more "core".  Are there any tiles in Jive 8 that provide for a similar functionality as is found in the 'other' widgets for Blog Summaries or Pick your Blog?  In fact I wasn't able to spot any tile functionality that dealt with blogs, did I miss anything?


      Basically what I'm looking for is some kind of guide that says:


      If you want functions a, b or c you need an overview page

      If you want functions, d, e, or f you need an activity page

      If you want functions, x, y or z, you can use either.