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    Status Updates for Projects


      Hi there,

      how can I enable Status Updates, when setting up a new project in our jive community.

      Some Projects show the line, where to enter a status update and some don't.


      Is there a difference in the templates ?



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          Hi Sascha,


          Thanks for raising this question with us around toggling status updates within projects.  I'm not sure which version of Jive you're on, but for newer version, you may globally toggle on/off status updates in the Jive Admin Console under People >  Settings > User Status Update Settings.  In addition, the project must reside within a place that supports this content type.  So for example, if you create a project within a social group that does not support status updates, then neither will the project, and vice versa.


          If you find that a project is missing status updates, I'd recommend checking the parent place container and verify that this is enabled there.  If not, please enable it and then reload the project page to verify if status updates becomes available on your list of actions.


          Let me know if you had any other questions with this.




          Jeph Yang

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