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    Javascript API - redirect to login on session timeout?


      Hey Ryan,


      Does the Jive have a Javascript API have a login/refresh parent page function?  I haven't been successful in my search through the documentation (so far).


      When you leave our application open long enough it will do periodic keepalive requests to check for session expiry.  When expired - we display a login button:


      Screenshot from 2015-05-28 14:54:33.png


      Clicking "Log In" should redirect to login, and redirect back to the application once successful (the same behaviour as if I hit F5 to refresh)


      Unfortunately, because this is cross-domain iFramed - calling window.location.reload() just refreshes the iFrame.


      Screenshot from 2015-05-28 14:56:20.png



      Any way to refresh the parent page/redirect to login from within the iFrame?