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    Metadata and blog posts


      I hope someone has been able to get the metadata to work with the blogs.  I am sure it works, because this snippet was used as an example in the official Jive Cloud Community Manager Help application:


      For example, a blog post URL might look like this:

      https://community.mycompany.com/blog/update-post.jspa?ID=27760 . You'd then add the name-value pairs  type=blog and id=27760 to ensure the mission requirement was limited to only that one blog post.

      Except that it doesn't seem to work.   I've tried every combination of metadata on the planet, every spelling variation, and I know the metadata is correct because I got it out of user logs for my activity:




      I even tried "contentType" and "contentID" per a related post and still nothing.


      Can anyone help?  has anyone got this to work?



      Curtis Gross

      Jarita Sirois