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    Embedding a website into Jive


      The problem I am trying to solve: Have Users use their Jive log-in credentials when accessing another one of our site's without going through our own SSO.

      The goal is to create an App which will contain another website and that can be embedded into JiveX. I want to somehow leverage JiveX' APIs so that the user can be on Jive, go to a Private Group and access another website from that App.

      Normally, this could be accomplished with an iFrame (well most of it -- not that the part about passing a users profile credentials, but since JiveX doesn't support iFrame, I want to build an App for this).  Thoughts?

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          This could work, but would require you to make changes to the app you want to integrate to accept the authentication that Jive sends with app requests. Is the app that you want to integrate under your control?

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            We did something slightly wacky for an area of element14 Community called Design Center. We had a separate team that wanted to code up that part of the site & they had PHP skill set, not Java (and no Jive experience). What we ended up doing was doing a small amount of custom code in a plugin that proxies through content from another server, and injects it into the page. The injection happens at the server side, so we don't need to mess with iFrames, and the PHP server doesn't actually need to be on the public internet.. it's sat behind the firewall and our Jive server talks to it directly.


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            This approach has worked really well for us.. allowing a totally separate team to get on with their coding, and we get on with something else