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    Fetching Data from the Analytics Database


      I'm trying to fetch data from the Analytics DB under a Jive 6 instance using a third party application (Splunk DB Connect).  When I try to connect to the PostgreSQL server that was set up previously for Community Manager Reports, I keep getting an "Unknown host" error.  Anyone have an idea regarding what could be causing this or how I can fix it? When I test the database connection in the Jive admin console everything seems to be fine.

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          Hi Ricardo,


          If your Jive instance is hosted with us you will not have direct access to your DB server. However, if you need a copy of your DB please file a support case in your customer group and we can get you set up with daily/weekly database dumps provided through our JCA tool (https://docs.jivesoftware.com/custom_int/comm_mgr/jive.help.jca/).


          If you host your own Jive instance and are interested in integrating a third party application I would recommend either reaching out to the Jive Developers space here in the Jive Community where you can collaborate with other developers on possible custom integrations or getting engaged with our Professional Service's team who can work with you to determine the scope of the project and develop a custom integration which meets your use case. If you are interested in a PS engagement please submit a case in your support group and a the next available support engineer can assist in setting up an engagement.