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    Jive Chime queries




      Kindly help with my following queries.


      1. Is On-Premise hosting of Jive Chime's Messaging Service available so that - User data/Group data/Chat data can stay private.
      2. Is it possible to integrate Jive Chime with Microsoft ADFS 2.0 so that only authenticated users can access this messaging tool?




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          1.  Give Jive’s focus on cloud I doubt that on-premise is an option for Chime.  Take a look at HipChat if you are interested in an on-premise product (probably a bit more mature as well)

          2.  See number 1.  I’d say probably not at this time but that is at least more possible.


          Chat apps seem to be the new Hello World of programming (slightly better than all the to-do list apps I suppose :-p)