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    Using a Jive-x community for lead generation


      I'm looking for examples of to leverage a Jive-x community in order to facilitate lead generation.


      In the Sneak Peek: JiveX Winter 2015 Cloud Release the following new features are mentioned for prospecting. Aside from this, does anyone have additional best practices, tips, or related use cases they can share on this subject?

      Nurture Your Prospects with Insights from the Community

      Community Enriched Marketing Leads With Marketo Integration

      Marketing automation tools can help provide key data about which visitors to your website are the most likely to buy or should be contacted by your sales team.  But why stop at the website?  Once users move from the website into your community, you might be missing key information. For example, if a user enters your community and views a blog and a document that describe 'ProductX', you likely would want to enter them into a nurturing campaign around that product. When your sales team contacts the user, they must have the insight they need to focus in on ProductX rather than having a generic conversation. Marketo is one of the leaders in the marketing automation market. In the Winter release we made it very easy to add-in your Marketo tracking code into your JiveX community to start capturing key data on what those prospects are viewing, downloading or working with. Once those users register, you have direct and much deeper understanding onhow your community impacts your sales and lead generation.


      Lead Your Prospects with Targeted Search Content

      Promoted Search Results

      One of the first things that visitors will do when visiting your community is start searching for answers and information on topics they are interested in. Sometimes visitors may use the right key word, but not the right phrase to locate just what they need.  With our Winter release we have given the community manager the ability to choose specific content that will always show up when a target keyword is used.  So when searching for "ProductX", the ProductX datasheet will always be returned in the search results.  By combining promoted search with a well configured landing page featuring items and official documentation, you are guaranteed to get visitor eyes on the content you want them to see. And to help you figure out what content is best promoted, we've added a brand new report that displays the top most successful searches.

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          Billy Volpone

          Surprised we haven't seen a bit more discussion on this great topic Amara, but I wanted to chime in as I love this as an external community use case. While it does touch on many different aspect of both front end user experience and back end integrations (such as Marketo)... there is so many opportunities to engage prospective customers within an existing network.


          My favorite ways to do this are by making sure champions and their success stories are front and center, as well as seamlessly interconnecting one solution to others you might be offering (whether it's a product, software, services, expertise, and so on). The Marketo integration can keep to capture where those eyes are going and the new promoted search items that are controlled by admins can make sure you get eyes on key content that you deem to be most important to influential.


          Other fun use cases to accomplish lead generation could be regional user groups or larger scale event engagement and resources. If someone's not yet ready to directly engage a peer, maybe they'll listen to them speak live or ask questions of locals.

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            When I think about this bigger picture I think Jive could drive its own sales leads via JiveX in markets where they want to get a presence. 


            A specific use case are associations, trade groups, 501c3s in the US in targeted verticals to expose its' product to more users.  I'm looking at association management software right now (SaaS) systems I can connect to Jive via REST API to do just this.  If you wanted to market that Jive can do "private social media communities" for any organization, you'd gain some good traction.   There is a HUGE gap in the "association membership management" market that do ecommerce and event ticketing and financials well but dont do community discussion, QA etc like JiveX does well.  I also think if you go vertical in these spaces this could blow up the SMB market for Jive because you expose the software to a diverse user base.