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    Tile gadgets.window.adjustHeight() doesn't work in sub-domain Tiles - Bug?


      Hey Ryan - hopefully I'm just missing something here.


      We've got two environments, one running Tiles in same-domain, and another running sub-domain with an "app-" prefix.  The "app-" prefix does not resize properly using gadgets.window.adjustHeight() in Tiles.  The app "canvas" page resizes fine in both environments.


      Even when I try to force it with gadgets.window.adjustHeight(10000) - the same-domain app resizes correctly to the huge size, while the sub-domain app does not.


      Both environments are v8.0.0.0 8c5.3


      Same Domain



      This same-domain app works nicely - i call gadgets.window.adjustHeight() and the widget automatically resizes to the proper height.


      gadgets.window.getHeight() reports the height it is (and should be) of 2229px

      Screenshot from 2015-06-04 09:07:41.png







      This sub-domain app does not work.


      I call gadgets.window.adjustHeight() and the window only resizes to what seems to be the (window.innerHeight+header+footer)...


      My maths to get to that conclusion:


      1) document.getElementsByClassName("j-page-header")[0].clientHeight + document.getElementById("j-header-wrap").clientHeight + document.getElementById("j-footer-wrap").clientHeight == 306

      2) document.body.clientHeight - window.innerHeight == 306


      gadgets.window.getHeight() reports the height it should be of 2229px - but adjustHeight never resizes to that?

      Screenshot from 2015-06-04 09:08:52.png


      Ping Markus Nagel in case he knows of a solution.


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