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    Add owner to event


      I have the following message from one of our conference presenters, "I am listed as a Presenter of this event but not an Owner.  That may be why Kimberley Munzo can invite people but I can’t.  Can you make me an Owner – or do whatever you have to do to allow me to invite people?"


      Is is possible to have more than one event owner?  If so, how do I change this man from presenter to owner?  Is there a different/better way to allow him to invite attendees?


      Thank you in advance!

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          Billy Volpone

          Great question Scott. I am not sure you can add another owner from my own testing. Events currently act as their own content type (like a blog) and as such only have 1 "author"/owner. However, I can see this as a great idea for making them more like documents that could have multiple editors/owners. Maybe you could post that to the product ideas space. Internally, I'll also inquire, especially in case I'm wrong


          cc: Curtis Gross Deepti Patibandla

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              Thanks, Billy.  The best solution we settled on was for him to share the event rather than inviting people.  I actually like this option a little better in that then the person being invited isn't put on the spot with the event showing that they declined or didn't respond if they choose not to add the event to their schedule.

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              Jordan Dayton

              While it is not possible for an event to have more than one "owner," like a document, you do have the ability to add additional editors to an event. And you cannot change the "owner" of the event unless you have the Change Author plugin (at a cost of +/-$5k)


              I have just confirmed that once a user has been added as an "editor" of an event...















              When one is an event "owner" or "editor," they will also be able to use the "Invite others" option to which the event owner also has access.