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    /streams/{streamID}/associations/{objectType}/{objectID} endpoints not working in jive7?



      I'm attempting to GET and DELETE stream associations in Jive7 for content items and have been unable to.


      https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/StreamService.html#getAssociation(String, String, String, String)

      https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/StreamService.html#removeAssociation(String, String, String)



      "ref" : "/api/core/v3/people/5470"

      My streams:


      My inbox "communications" stream:

      "ref" : "/api/core/v3/streams/29165"

      A target content item in my communications stream:

      "ref" : "/api/core/v3/contents/944016"

      "type" : "discussion"

      A call to get this association:



      throw 'allowIllegalResourceCall is false.';


        "error" : {

          "status" : 400,

          "code" : "objectInvalidURI",

          "message" : "Invalid object URI /discussions/944016"




      A DELETE call to the same endpoint results in the same response.



      I've gotten conflicting advice on using integer objectType values versus string values. I get the same output using the numeric objectType values.

      Interestingly, the string based pattern for the call works as expected in Jive6.


      I'm hoping for some insight into how to get this endpoint functioning. Is there a different syntax for this endpoint now? Any help would be very much appreciated.


      Thank you


      Vinod Balakrishna, Kavan Puranik, Mat Wojdyla