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    User Activity


      Hi everyone!


      It's been a while since anything new has gone in here so I thought it would be a great opportunity to bring up a topic that we're probably all measured on...user activity.


      1. What are some ways your organization has promoted activity within your community (please specify internal vs. external)?


      2. What has worked and what hasn't?


      3. If you don't mind sharing, what are your latest numbers (registered users, active users, participating users, contributing users)?


      4. Have your numbers plateaued?



      I can't wait to hear from y'all!

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          I'll start.


          1. We're an external community that utilizes SSO. We've tried several different ways to bring people in to Connect (the name of the community). We have a monthly informal talk with a different user each time that allows our customers a chance to talk about the system or our product. We advertise this monthly. We're now hosting our Knowledge Base completely in the community page. We also have promoted the use of private groups for some of our customers (they are just starting to gain traction and get used).


          2. So far, all of these things we've tried haven't increased our activity numbers.


          3. Registered users: ~130,000, Active Users: 6,626, Participating Users: 535, Contributing Users: 273    Getting the active/participating/contributing numbers up have been proving very difficult.


          4. Our numbers are actually on a steady decline since the beginning of the year that we are trying to turn around (Active was at 13,000 in January). One of the reasons for this post!

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            As a knowledgebase, I'd imagine people might be accessing it only when they need to.  They lurk, read, browse initially....then engagement flutters over time unless the user is pulled back into the community.  Users may not feel that "pull" for them to come back (vs. pushing information to them).    Declining numbers (my person opinion) might mean users visit once and don't find enough value or utility to be pulled back in or they don't quite know what to do when they get there.   


            There's often a basic utility or need that people require to keep them coming back.  For example, when our customers want to open a support case with Jive, they have to come to this Jive Community.  Jive Prof Services works on projects here with customers too.   We use Jive Community during presales sometimes too.  Training and learning is also done too.   There's some basic utility here leading to engagement elsewhere in the community.   And I don't visit our Jive Community everyday as I get notifications to keep me updated.


            Just curious...

            Have you promoted it via consumer social media?  (i.e. go where your targeted audience might already be and share posts from your community?)

            Do you communicate product / service info via community?   manage projects?  integrate CRM for customer support?   offer training and learning via community?

            Do you have a vision and roadmap to make your community as single "hub" for customers and partners to connect, communicate, collaborate?  Or is it just a knowledgebase?

            Do you have a call to action?  in other words, what do you want people to do when they get to your community?   


            Here's an example of one Jive-x community I really like with clear call to action: https://infrastructurecommunity.schneider-electric.com/welcome

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                Thanks Rich! Let me answer your questions first:

                - We haven't really promoted the page via social media. With it living behind SSO and not allowing the public to interact, it really limits what we're able to do on the page in regards to sharing content.

                - Our product release notes are housed in the community and updated frequently. We don't currently use the projects feature. We do use SFDC CRM for our support tickets (questions posted in the community). We offer the opportunity to sign up for training in the community.

                - We do. The Knowledge Base is just one part of the page (located in the Support Center). We have a discussions place, events information, official informal talks, etc..

                - On the home page of the community, we have the large start a discussion widget that has served pretty well. It's front and center  and promotes people asking questions right away.


                Regarding the Jive Support cases, would we be able to implement something similar? What is the "Case Creation" option? Are they tied in to SFDC or do they live elsewhere?

                Do Prof. Services use the customers specific groups or do their projects live in the Prof. Services group that has customer projects housed there?

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                    You could do something similar.  It's custom "create a case".  and yes, tied to CRM behind the scenes.  Not sure I'd recommend the same custom approach as we have in the Jive community per say.  Maybe a Jive App would be better for case creation in the CRM from within Jive.


                    Jive PS creates projects in each secret customer group.  

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                  1. We have an external community that is a year old. We put into place a semi-annual contest based upon Bunchball points with virtual and tangible prizes. Although we have external links (social media, product pages, industry pages) bringing in members, over 60% come from organic search. Right now most of our attention has been on helping current users use the platform; however, we will be looking in the near future on bringing more users in.


                  2. Having a lot of new content posted (over 400 items a week) helps keep the Google traffic coming.


                  3. 114,000 Registered users, 14,600 Active, 3,000 Participating, and 1,100 Contributing


                  4. Our numbers are not plateauing, but are not growing like they originally were several months ago.

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                      1. What is the prize for your contests? How much do you invest in them?  Being based off the Bunchball points, how does that translate to entries to the contest?   I love this idea and if I could relay this to my management team maybe they could get behind spending some money on items...


                      2. What's the breakdown between user created and admin created?


                      3. More than 10% active, that's awesome.


                      4. Is this cause for worry, or just a natural progression of the community? Do you think your content and contests are enough to keep users coming back?


                      thanks for the feedback!!

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                          Here is our contest group - Group: GeoNet Contest | GeoNet You should be able to access it read-only.


                          We are giving away a tablet and several hundred dollars worth of Amazon gift cards. Other company branded items are conference registrations, certification registration, online course, books, etc. Here is how were are doing out semi-annual contest - 2015 GeoNet Contest Prizes | GeoNet


                          We are using the leaderboard for a semi-annual period and resetting after each period. We will also be running an annual leaderboard for the top prizes. We are not able to give away random prize as it could be considered a lottery, so we are requiring each winner to have answered at least one question. This adds a level of skill to the competition and makes our legal department happy. You can see the legal rules on the main contest page from above.


                          I am not sure of the exact break down for content, but for contributing users it is 10% staff and 90% non-staff.


                          Yes, our numbers are a bit of concern for me; however we have some upcoming initiatives that will help. We are working to embed our Jive content into our product and industry pages. They will be able to read and post content from outside the community. We are also planning to migrate our Wordpress blogs and Saleforce ideas into the community. This will help bring focused traffic to the community as where before users are hitting standalone sites.

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                        Are there any other benchmark numbers people can share?

                        10% active is good? I thought I was a report Jive put together that said 30% (which seemed high)

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                          We have 125,000 registered users in our external community. Here is our breakdown from the last 30 days.


                          11% - Active

                          2% Participating

                          1% Contributing


                          Although the 11% active may be standard, I personally am not happy with it. I'd love to find a way to get more active users, just haven't found the right strategy.