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    Notifications of Project Creation


      Suppose I am following a group. Someone creates a project in that group. Do I get notified that the project gets created? It seems like I should, but Jive-n doesn't seem to work that way.

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          Hi Brent,


          Thanks for raising this question in Jive Support.  I believe you're running into JIRA bug JIVE-48159, which affects the Jive inbox notifications for project creation in places you follow.  This is known to affect Jive 6 and Jive 7, but I just now tested this in Jive and I'm able to confirm the issue there as well.  If you've like to track the bug, please submit a case in your Jive Community customer group and we'll be happy to link this JIRA bug to the case and follow-up with you once the bug is resolved.


          Let me know if you have any other questions otherwise.




          Jeph Yang