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    Do I get points for marking my own answer correct?


      HI Folks


      I thought this would be simple to find, but I'm not coming up with anything. 


      Really simple question....In Jive 6, does a user receive points for marking their own answer correct?  Although we have Gamification it is not configured at this point in time.   So OOTB if a user marks their own answer to a question correct, do they receive points for it?



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          Hi Mark,


          Thanks for raising this Advanced Gamification question.  The intended design is to prevent users from situations such as this where it could become abused, so you should only be awarded points if another user marks your post as the correct answer on a different thread.  If you should encounter an occurrence where you are indeed awarded unexpected points when you do enable Advanced Gamification, please submit a support case in your Jive Community customer group and we'll be happy to do more in-depth troubleshooting to review the configuration and actions involved in the points awarded.


          Let me know if you have any other questions with this.




          Jeph Yang