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    User having trouble with Jive app


      I have a user with a Samsung Note 4 who can't get the Jive app to work. "I can open the app for about 3 seconds and then it is gone. It keeps saying 'unfortunately JIVE has stopped' after a couple of seconds. It shows that it is downloaded in my Application Manager.  When I try to access, it just says unfortunately it has stopped."


      Any ideas for how to help her fix this? Thanks!

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          Hi Jenna,


          I'm sorry to hear about the app crashing.  Unfortunately, this will require targeted troubleshooting, so it may be best to file a support case in your Jive Community customer group.  Please reach out to your community manager if you're not familiar with the case submission process.


          In the meantime, you might try having the user uninstall the app and clear app cache to see if that helps.  Please have the user refer to her device specific instructions, as uninstallation instructions will vary from device to device.  In general, however, the uninstallation option should be available through the Google Play > My Apps > Installed menu.




          Jeph Yang