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    Your View - useful?


      Hi All,


      We are going live with Cloud in the next 3 weeks, and trying to receive some feedback on the "Your View" feature. We are aware that this feature can be enabled or disabled. Some of the concepts behind Your View seem somewhat parallel to Custom Streams. I would love to receive feedback from other fellow community managers on if the "Your View" feature has been successful within your community, and if yes, what specific tiles do you see most users utilizing.


      Thank you!


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          Honestly, I don't use Your View that often. And I understand the similarity with Custom Streams. Chances are you won't get many users who use both Your View and Custom Streams every day. Here is my opinion on the difference between the two:


          • Custom streams: Dynamic and interactive. Browsing activity. I can click into a stream and start commenting and liking content. Used every day by power users who work in Jive and need to filter through the noise.
          • Your View: Static. Searching for something specific. I visit this page when I know what I need to find. Used once and while by power users and/or users who login less often and leverage the quick links to easily navigate the community.


          I'd recommend the user sets up the page one time with tiles that update automatically and/or remain static, like Frequently Viewed (showing Content, People, Places), Helpful Links (internal and external). Low maintenance but helpful when they need it.


          This is just my own personal experience. I'm interested to hear how other people see their community members leveraging the page.

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              Very similar experiences here. It's nice, but usage is actually not that high. Keep in mind that Jive used to have a personalized homepage before version 5. Jive published some stats when it was removed. IIRC they stated that only about 25% of users were aware/used it, and less than 5% took the effort to customize/adapt it to their tastes.

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              This is so helpful! We are moving to Jive8 (hosted) next week. Is there a way to set the default "Your View" to be what you want the user to see on first login? Then they can edit from there?

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                  As far as I know, the layout of the page isn't able to be preset by admins. It has a preset default, and then people can go from there.


                  What I wish Jive had done was added some tiles specific for this view. Since it is "Your View", I'd like to see options for My Bookmarks, My Recent Content, My Connections. Some of this is a bit redundant because you can see it on your profile, but it would help me put ALL of my things in a single location (if I wanted to). I fully me-centric page, that I can layout in a way that suits me. I could also see dropping a Watch a Tag widget on here. Again, similar to custom streams, but a way to put things I am interested together in a single location.

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                      I entirely agree with you Tracy Maurer! Your description makes a lot more sense than how Jive set you Your View. Hopefully one day it may be updated to make a little more sense to the individual user...

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                        As far as I know, the layout of the page isn't able to be preset by admins.

                        That's a real shame.  Getting our users to create custom streams was a difficult task, as many of them are not web-savvy and we found this was very frustrating for them.


                        I had real hope that the Your View section could be configured and pushed to all users, so that we could give them a common starting point of information.