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    Best Practices: Use of Purposeful Places in External Communities


      Hi everyone,


      I'd like some advice about best practices surrounding the use of Purposeful Places in external communities. These templates have been around awhile, and the implementations I've seen so far have primarily been focused on internal productivity, where employees may be trained on how to use their Jive instance. But the available templates in Jive-n and Jive-x are different, and the experiences may be different, so it would be nice to hear how you've used Jive-x templates to best effect.


      I have a few key questions:

      • How do untrained customers relate to having Overview/Activity/Overview+Activity pages for places? Do they notice the differences? Do they get confused?
      • Do you consistently choose Overview pages, Activity pages, or Both? If you use one sometimes and another other times, what determines which you use for what?
      • Do you find that your needs are well-aligned with the available template choices? If you make modifications, what to you add or subtract?
      • How does this work in Jive 8 or Jive Cloud? Are there differences from Jive 7? I've got a little experience managing internal groups in Jive-n (7.0) and in an external instance using Jive 7.0 Hosted. What would be new to me in a Jive 8 Hosted or Cloud community?


      Thanks for sharing any insights into Purposeful Places.


      - Josh