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    Displaying/managing Jive in a container


      Howdy, glad to be joining the community;


      I  have a few high-level questions about the use of Jive within an external web application. I want to leverage Jive as a platform to manage groups, discussions and messaging but I want to consider using it from an existing web application with existing credentials and user base.

      Q1: Is it possible to have my web application create Jive accounts under the hood for new users?

      Q2: Is it common to have web applications launch Jive from within them, instead of building Jive applications and expanding them (through customization & custom app etc..)

      Q3: Is that is possible, how would SSO look like with a setup like this?



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          Q1: Yes, the REST API allows you to create users directly (see https://developers.jivesoftware.com/api/v3/cloud/rest/PersonService.html#createPerson(PersonEntity, Boolean, String, String) ) . Although if you are setting up SSO, a more common why is to let the SSO setup in Jive take care of user creation.

          Q2: What do you mean by "launch from within them"? If you mean embedding Jive in an iframe of something similar, then, yes, this is possible, but requires a small bit of customization to remove the iframe breakout code (I think it is in template.ftl)

          However, this is an uncommon scenario, and the UX is not great.  Usually sites have a link named "community" or similar, that will take the user to the Jive system. In my opinion, Jive works best standalone, and not embedded or within a portal. Compared to other solution the embedding options are weak/non-existant

          Q3: I'm not an SSO expert, sorry