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    Change Apps in Header


      We would like to change the Apps menu in the header to something more descriptive as we have a different company wide apps system and we want to limit confusion. I cant seem to get Phrase Subs to work on it. Is there any way to change this Menu Item on a Jive Hosted Instance?

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          Hi Erik,

          To change the name of Apps on the Navigation bar you will need to use the phrase substitution tool in the admin console. The particular key used on the Navigation Bar is  key nav.bar.apps.link

          To make the change follow these steps:

          1. Navigate in the admin console to System > Settings > Phrase Substitutions
          2. Click on the "Add Rule" button.
          3. Configure it to how I have below.




          How to: Configure Phrase Substitutions - This document is a helpful doc for more on using the tool.


          I have also attached the English version i18n files for Jive 7.0, this is where you can view which key to use.


          One thing I would like to point out that this key nav.bar.apps.link is only for the navigation menu. There are other places that the phrase Apps still will appear in your site. In my screenshot, you can see the Apps tab has been renamed however the word App(s) is still used:


          You will most likely want to update the following as well:

          #navbar apps

          nav.bar.apps.market.catalog.title=Jive Apps Market

          nav.bar.apps.market.manage.title=Manage Apps

          nav.bar.apps.market.no.apps=There are currently no apps installed.

          nav.bar.apps.market.no.apps.expound=Install some apps by visiting the {0}


          Hope this helps.