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    Possible to make discussion titles visible but keep content hidden?




      I'm interested in configuring places in an external community such that the unregistered public can see just titles of discussions, but only registrants can see anything else. We'd like to have pages that the public can view and get the flavor of what's being discussed (also ensuring the page will be crawled by search engines), but we want to incentivize people to register by requiring registration to see anything else about the discussions.


      Is this possible in the latest version of Jive-x (cloud or hosted)?


      Thanks. - Josh

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          Hi Josh,


          Thanks for raising this inquiry into your use case for displaying discussion titles.  Unfortunately, I don't believe this is possible with the out of box widgets and tiles.  They're intended to display only content the specific user has access to, so unless unauthenticated users (guests) are also able to view the referenced content, then it will not display for them using the out of box widgets and tiles.  It may be possible to create a list of discussions manually, but this wouldn't be programmatic in nature and you'll need to maintain it by hand, so that's probably not the idea nor scalable way to do it.


          if this is an important feature you'd like to address, you may want to look into potentially customizing this through a Jive Professional Services (PS) engagement.  Let me know if you'd like to be put in touch with our PS team and I'll be happy to connect you.




          Jeph Yang