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    Engineering CMGR Introductions


      Hi, Christina Zurkawicz.


      I hope you're doing well.  It's been a long time since we connected, but I'm now working at Silicon Labs.  Back in the engineering community world!


      I've always been impressed with the work you've done as a community manager and I want to introduce you to Nari Shin on my team.  She has been managing our community for the past year+ (which is based right now on Lithium), but is also managing our Silicon Labs page on the Element 14 community. 


      I wanted to connect you two since you're both cool, smart community managers.


      Happy Networking, and I look forward to seeing you at JW16!


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          Hi Dierdre and Nari. Nice to hear from you. I mostly manage things on the technical side these days. We are on premise and customized (and in the middle of upgrading to Jive8). Nicole Fusz is our "Community Manager" on the customer side but I am always happy to meet and chat with a fellow Community person.


          This is actually great timing on your note, because we are actually considering Lithium as a future possible Community platform so I'd be very interested in your take on it vs. Jive if you'd be willing to share any thoughts you have about that.


          Looking forward to further virtual and in person conversations.


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            Thanks Deirdre for the introduction.


            Hi, Christina Nice to e-meet you. I am currently managing both technical features and marketing campaigns of the Silicon Labs Community. I’ve always envied your engaging content and marketing initiatives like RoadTest contests targeting engineers at element14. I have worked with Christian Defeo who is our account manager at element14 but would love to connect with you and Nicole to learn more community marketing tactics!


            In my personal opinion, the biggest difference between Lithium vs. Jive is that Lithium provides a linear community design compared to Jive i.e.) Spotify. It’s focused so users know where to go once they visit the site, which suits for support forums as the purpose of visiting the community for users is to get their questions answered asap. But if your goal is to make users to explore various content in addition to Q&A forums, it might want to consider redesigning the existing Jive platform.


            Our community is a result of a site redesign with Lithium, so all pages are custom pages but it wasn’t an easy process due to restrictions in the default design. Jive seems to provide more flexible out-of-box design options to me though I am still learning their features. I like their content filters that users can search by language and tag keyword as Lithium doesn’t provide these features.


            Hope you find this useful and feel free to let me know if you have any questions. 


            Happy Friday!