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    Cloud Help for End Users not working


      I can't seem to view the Core Help in Chrome or Firefox; it seems to render fine in IE.



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          Hi Brent,


          I have taken a look at the user docs linked above in Chrome and FF, however am not seeing the blank page as pictured in your screenshot. For example:

          Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 9.04.35 AM.png

          As you mention you are able to see this correctly in IE it's possible this is related to a caching issue in your FF and Chrome browsers. As such I would suggest clearing our your browser's cookie and caches as a next step as this might resolve the issue.



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              Hi Jesse,


              I am using Chrome Version 43.0.2357.124 m (the latest version) in Windows 7 Enterprise SP1.  When I view the frame source, I see this:




              However, I have JavaScript enabled for all sites:




              Then, I noticed a security warning:



              Could this be the problem?

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                  Actually, it was a caching issue as you suspected.  When I forced a refresh of one of the help pages, it must have reloaded the JavaScript file, replacing the older one causing the conflict.  Same in Firefox.  The reason I did not have a problem in Internet Explorer is because I hardly ever use it and had never viewed the Jive documentation in IE.