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    User license report



      I'm wondering if and how we could have an export of the below screen and have it sent to my inbox regularly.




      I'm basically interested in a monthly view of number of licensed users and inactive users (not connected in past 90 days). Today the only report I can get is the community manager reports which unfortunately doesn't give me the piece of information I'm looking for.


      If this is not available in the version we're on, will it be available when we move to Jive cloud?



        • Re: User license report

          Hi Luca,


          While the specific report above does not have the option of an email report, if your instance is hosted with Jive you will receive a monthly hosting report in your customer group here in the Jive Community which does include information on page views and users.


          If you are finding that this report does not provide the information you are looking for, or if you have improvement suggestions I would also recommend submitting an idea to the Ideas for Jive space where our Product Managers review top rated ideas for possible inclusions into future releases of the platform.