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    Customizing Homepage for Different Groups of People?


      Not sure if this is possible without customization but is it possible to customize the homepage for different groups of people?


      Our community is unique in that it's kind of external&internal in one-- with the internal information being sensitive to ONLY internal people. The external stuff is visible to everyone, but it may not be relevant for some internal people.


      Currently we have a slider that rotates between stories that is relevant for everyone, as well as a widget that is pulling our Executive's blogs. Most importantly, we have an Recent Content widget with only blogs showing-- so that it only pulls the appropriate news that you are following-- but this means that all of their relevant/important information is on the homepage and people aren't going into the community to find/work. People are heavily relying on this as it aggregates all their news from different places nicely into 1 spot. But, they aren't getting past it...


      Thus, we wanted to engage our users more by customizing the overview page more towards each group-- but these groups have different priorities/information they care about. What I'm running into is that I can put things on-- but it'll be a bad user experience for one group of people. Ex) We want to throw up a calendar but of course external can't be able to see it. So when they click on it-- they'll see unauthorized access...


      Has anyone dealt with something like this before or have suggestions?

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          You might consider rethinking "audience targeted" home page.  I would assume the home page is simply a landing page with information that is relevant to everyone.   That is because the home page is only relevant IF someone actually visits that home page.  The reality is most people live on their mobile device.  As such, the primary focus is the newsfeed in the Jive App.  And Jive allows for targeted newsfeeds to auto subscribe specific groups of people (e.g. profile attribute dept=sales, auto-subscribe certain blogs and groups by default).   So instead of audience targeted content on a home page no one visits, think audience targeted feeds.

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              Thanks for this! But unfortunately our community again is a one-off on using Jive App.


              Jive replaced our intranet-- so people are still digesting information similar to an intranet where they follow the news most closely (which we do use the autofollow feature) and some 2 way communication is happening via comments. Thus, for our users, they're mainly accessing it via their computers and just consuming the news. The Recent Content widget is essentially the landing page with information that is catered towards each user-- but then they rely on this way to much and don't get past it. I agree that the homepage is a landing page with information that is relevant to everyone, but right now that is way too high level for our users, because essentially other than the news (which is audience targeted), we can only push super generic things such as Help. I would like to be able to narrow it down just 1 more level-- to external users and then to internal users.


              It may be that the our solution is to just do a better job training.... but there are still some things I would like to push out via the homepage but only internal users would see :/

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                  Ah got it.  Forgot you are v7 hosted.  What you might do is use spaces or groups for a particular audience.  Create the targeted content in a specific place designated for that audience -- and if you want to "push it out", you simply add an announcement in that place (which auto pushes notification to those members in that place to the relevant content).  


                  In v8, the “News” feature is accessible via browsers (as it is on mobile too).  I’d still think about leveraging “News" and targeted newsfeeds in the future.

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                We built a special widget that allows us to do a bunch of custom stuff.. you can target a particular widget at a set of countries, or tell it not to appear for certain countries. We can also target Guest vs Logged In users. We didn't have a use case to extend it to groups of users (our external community doesn't need that). So having something like that can really help make your homepage feel different depending on certain conditions.