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    Performance optimizations for custom tiles?


      Hi folks --


      We have noticed the following behaviour in the custom tiles we have developed. These tiles are jive hosted. In the below page snippet, you can see that we have added a custom tile, and below this have Jive's built in Document Viewer tile:

      Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.19.28 pm.png


      With the custom tile, and you can see a placeholder image that appears. This stays there for a few seconds. After which the following appears:

      Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 4.32.35 pm.png


      Notice that the placeholder is replaced by whitespace. This again remains for a few seconds, after which the tile's HTML loads.


      We are seeing the above two phases of loading happen each time, with each lasting few seconds, and the result is a poor user experience.


      On the other hand the performance of the Jive's built-in tiles is much more impressive. Even when they have configuration data, they load in less than a second, giving the impression of instantaneous loading.


      We're curious to know how the built-in tiles are optimized? Is there anything we could do to optimize our tiles in a similar fashion? If these were externally hosted tiles, it would be easier to understand the difference, but as these tiles are jive hosted, we're wondering if the platform could provide the same optimizations / caching behaviour that is used for the built-in tiles?




      Andy Yates and Murtaza Husain