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    SSO Errors Post Migration Issue


      We need your help on the troubleshooting for this.  We are gathering as much info, as possibke, following is what we have for now:

      We have users reporting SSO login errors after trying to login (post 6/13 Jive migration of Private Communities to Forums).  User logins include the following:

      (Two working and two not, ALL below are not NetApp employees:)



      Lcholwill (Laura Cholwill) NOT WORKING

      YogiBerra1956 (Laura Finlayson) NOT WORKING


      Jwelton (john welton) WORKING

      HollyStreet929! (Anu Vatsa) WORKING


      More users may be involved but we are gathering as much info. as possible. Thanks!

      Sai Kolli, Tiana Moorhead