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    Jive Cloud Analytics DES query


      Hi all,

      I am trying out Jive DES cloud analytics feature for getting various combinations of activity data. In query for getting followers of  a particular group, I used  below one:



      "totalCount": 23


      https://community.jivesoftware.com/ = group display name which is same as activity.destination.name in the JSON (mentioned in Using the V2 Jive Data Export Service (Analytics) )


      But in response I am getting unfollow activity object for communities which is not a related to given space. Also if I remove place filter in above query like below



      "totalCount": 23,


      I still get same number of results in response.


      Is there something wrong with above query params or filter ? I suspect I am not getting proper response for any activity w.r.t place filter.


      I am using v1 version of DES API.