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    Skills vs Expertise - how are you explaining the difference?


      And is there one?


      Let me explain, Dennis Pearce and I are looking at ways to increase our number of completed profiles in our Jive community (Innovate).  That problem isn't unique among most us Jive CM's (and if it isn't a problem in your community, fess up right now because I have questions for you), but what I am struggling with is explaining the difference between a "skill" versus an "expertise."


      skills and expertise.PNG

      Then there is a different "expertise" when you  click into my profile:




      For people who are struggling with what to put in their own profile and for people  who want to endorse a skill for someone else,  I would like to be able to do a little cheat sheet and provide some examples.  The problem is that I'm stalling out on explaining a "skill" vs an "expertise."   Searching across the Internet I find the words are used so  interchangeably that there doesn't appear to be much of a distinction between the two.  Blerg.


      So, fellow Jive CM's, care to share how are you explaining this "Skills and  Expertise" portion of profiles to your communities?