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    Issue in Phrase Substitutions


      Hi Team,


      After upgrading from Jive 6.0.2 to Jive 7.0.2 we are facing below issue.


      Few phrase substitution rules which we added in Jive 6.0.2 is not reflecting in Jive 7.0.2, due to some i18n keys changed from 6.0.2 to 7.0.2.

      For Example: The key trial.quest.stay_in_touch.mobile.modal.title of Jive 6 is changed to on boarding.step.name.mobile_login in Jive 7 in "Get Started" page for the text "Connect with your mobile device"



      Please share if anybody have the list of i18n property keys which is changed from Jive 6.0.2 to Jive 7.0.2 so that we can fix this issue.



      Vijaya Kumara GN

      Rajeshwaran G