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    Changing document ownership when a user leaves the company


      I have a user who is leaving the company, and I want to free up her license. However, she has created several pieces of content that need to remain on our site. Is there a way to transfer ownership so I can delete her account and free up the license WITHOUT losing the content? Thanks for any help!

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          Hi Jenna,


          Thanks for raising this inquiry.  The best practice is to disable the user.  This provides two key benefits:


          • Disabled users do not get counted against in the license calculation.
          • Content created by the user remains available in your community.


          If you still need to transfer ownership of the content, this may potentially be possible through customization with Jive Professional Services (PS).  For your preview and reference, please see:


               Author Change Add-On FAQ


          If you're interested in going that route instead, please reach out to your Jive Account Manager or Customer Success Manager, or submit a support case in your Jive Community customer group and we'll be happy to put you in touch with our PS team.




          Jeph Yang