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    Regression in JS API? Cannot create stream associations / follows anymore

      I noticed that the createAssociations method for a stream object in the JS API does not seem to work anymore in the latest Jive Cloud release.


      The same code works fine in older versions of Jive. Has someone else run into this and can confirm? For the uninitiated: You use this method to pro grammatically follow an object in Jive.


      Here is my code:

         var request = fullUser.getStreams();
                      request.execute(function (streams) {
                          $.each(streams.list, function (key, stream) {
                              if (stream.source == "connections") {
                                  var array = [self.selectedJiveObject().resources.self.ref];
                                  var request = stream.createAssociations(array);
                                  request.execute(function (association) {