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    Plugin i18Text not getting rendered.

    shipra Beginner



      I am creating a widget in which I need to make it multilingual.

      I have placed the key value pair in plugin_i18n.properties file.



      Value put in the file:

      custom.defaultMessage=Enter The Location


      I want to access this key from a js file which is in widget:


      var defaultMessage = {i18nText('custom.defaultMessage')};

      I am getting following error:


      "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected string"


      I tried to display the key value from FTL:





      Can anyone let me know whats going wrong???


      I have done the same things in theme before.

      Used custom key.JIVE key but never faced any issue there.


      Ryan Rutan Nils Heuer

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          Himanshu.Dhuper Advanced

          The JS string messages are not directly read from properties file as you have mentioned in above snippet, unless you have a Jquery plugin like this added in your file jquery.i18n.properties.js.


          Solution :

          Within the scope of your above code, you can define a div or a span(with display: none) like this in your FTL or soy file :

          1) <div class="custom-message" id="custom-msg" style="display:none"><@s.text name="custom.defaultMessage" /></div>


          2) Next, invoke this in your JS function like to show the div :

          $j(function() {



          3)  In your plugin_i18n.properties file, define your localized string which will be read in your FTL/Soy and later the same div/span will show up in JS.


          Please post your findings if that works !


          Cheers !

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              shipra Beginner

              Thanks Himanshu!


              worked like a charm.


              I am running into a new issue when I drag this widget more then once in the same page.

              I feel there is some js conflict happening. Have you come across a similar issue?


              If I drag the widgets then the panel of widgets is not getting loaded. There is no error in the console nor in sbs.logs.


              I am getting few warnings:

              3 scripts on this page are included more than once.




              2__proto__: Object

              css_selector_counter.js:30 Stylesheet selector count,

              4012, is approaching the 4095 selector limit in IE.



              debug.js:82 Module was requested but is missing. commentMacroApps

              debug.js:82 Module was requested but is missing. forumMacroDiscussionApp

              1109 console messages are not shown.


              debug.js:82 Module was requested but is missing. separateScripts-dep-1435759483903-1 (This comes when I click on customize)