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    Public/guest access to image content


      When pulling API content from our community site at community.everskin.com, I noticed that I can't view preview image from the API unless the user is logged in. We need to be able to display a news feed, including images, to users who are potentially not authenticated. For example:




      Is inaccessible unless logged in. Is there any way to open this type of content to the public?  Is there a way to reference this asset outside of the API just using the ID's present in the URL?


      Obviously the user will have to log in if the click on the news item. We have SSO setup for that, but we can't always guarantee that the user is currently authenticated via SSO.


      If it makes any difference, I'm using a special user named "api" for the HTTP basic auth to get the feed. But there's no way to pass that auth info to the image request.