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    How to create a group in Jive 7


      Hello All,


      I would like to ask on how to create a group in Jive 7? I need to create new groups for our users.


      Help will be very much appreciated.


      All the best,


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          Hello Jc,


          Creating a group depends on your communities permissions.


          On my jive community we allow all users to create groups.


          This can be easily done by visiting the pencil drop down next to your avatar (in my instance my name is also listed)


          From the create drop down select group.


          Groups in Jive by default come in four different types:


          Open: Membership is open to non-members can view content and participate.


          Members Only:  Membership is open and non-members can view content, but must join to participate.


          Private: Membership is by approval/invitation only and only members can view content and participate


          Hidden: Membership is by invitation only, only members may participate , and the group is not listed in the group directory.




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