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    2015.2 >> "Unauthorized" access message when hitting create a copy link


      Hi Team,


      Below is the scenario we are trying on our preview instance after 2015.2 upgrade, exploring the new "Copy document" feature


      Environment : https://ciscoemployee-preview.jiveon.com/

      Browsers : IE 11, Firefox, Chrome

      Release : 2015.2

      Feature : "Copy document"


      "Unauthorized" access message when hitting create a copy link


      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Click on "Create" available in the top navigation bar

      2. Click on "Document"

      3. Enter required mandatory details(title, description, tag)

      4. Select "Specific people" radio button and enter other users e.g. User X, User Y and provide edit rights to them

      5. Click on Publish

      6. Click on "Create a copy" link available in the actions menu

      7. Copy the URL displayed at the bottom of create a copy window

      8. Close the browser and clear the cache

      9. Login to Jive with User X or User Y's login

      10. Then hit the copied url(url copied in step 7) in same browser


      Expected : New document window should be displayed in edit mode

      Title, content, tags of the original document should be copied in the new document

      User User X and User Y already have edit access to that document and they should not get "Unathorized" access message

      Attached is the screenshot for message


      Actual : Getting "Unauthorized" access message


      Could you please confirm what is the expected behavior?




        • Re: 2015.2 >> "Unauthorized" access message when hitting create a copy link

          Hi Hemant,

          I was able to reproduce this and this does appear to be a bug. When I created a private document between users X and Y and copied the URL. Once I logged in with user Y, I too received the Unauthorized error. If you would like to be notified for when the bug will be resolved, feel free to create a case in your support group and link them this discussion and the bug JIVE-59031.


          This will allow the support Engineer to be notified when the bug is resolved and they will contact you with the update.