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    Contingency/Emergency Backup/Restore Plan


      Our Community Team is looking for advice, experience, tips, tricks and wisdom when it comes to planning for the spectrum of simple mistakes to large scale losses of content.  I have read (and feel good about) Jive's preparation in their Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan.  I found the Enhanced Disaster Recovery note in the Introducing JiveX Spring 2014 Release, but I could not find any additional information on it.

      Enhanced Disaster Recovery (coming in cloud) - All Jive clients instances today are recovered as soon as possible in the event of a disaster.  However, at the end of Q2 we will offer Enhanced Disaster Recovery services that include documented plans, recovery point and time objectives, as well as specific service level agreements (SLAs) if needed. Customers can chose the level of service that suits their requirements.


      There are 2 other community documents that also mention plans for restoration   (Community backup   ), however neither of these provide the information we are seeking either.


      Our question to the Jive Community is what is your contingency plan?  We have brainstormed very simple solutions like screenshots of key page designs and text copies of html.  We're also considering organizing these backup resources in Google Drive for access by our whole team.  What is it you have tried, or you currently do for peace of mind?  What is your routine as pages and content change?


      Thank you in advance