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    Icon Resources


      I've posted icons before that are free but thought we could open a discussion around free resources that can be used in communities!

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          Freebie: Responsive Sports Icon Set (40×4 Icons, AI, CSH, PNG, PSD, Sketch, SVG)


          SmashingMagazine -

          Free icons are always great to spice up our work with minimal effort. Today, we’re happy to release a free set of 40 sports icons in four styles and six formats. Each icon in this set comes in four styles: flat colored, glyph, Google material palette, and line strokes. Additionally, the line icons morph into four responsive sizes, comprising a unique icon at every breakpoint. That way, details adjust according to size while preserving the icons’ style and identity.


          All icons are included in six formats: AI, PSD, SVG, PNG, CSH and Sketch. We’ve optimized the SVG format, producing really light and small-size files that will enhance your websites’ and applications’ performance. Additionally, it makes creating web fonts a lot easier. The set is still in its infancy with plenty more icons currently in production. It’s licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


          Freebie: Responsive Sports Icon Set