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    Need your feedback on Community Manager Central

    Libby Taylor

      I'm hoping I can get some feedback from the community managers in our midst.

      I want to create a space in the Jive Community that pulls together all things pertinent to community management (aka Community Manager Central). The focus would be on official best practices and how-to types of articles and the space would point to the discussions happening in both of the community groups here in the JC: Jive Internal Communities and Jive External Communities . Since these groups mentioned are primarily focused on community member discussions, I think an umbrella space that contains more official helper content for community managers would be awesome. Heck, the developers have Jive Developers and the partners have Partner Community, don't we need a space where everything comes together as well?


      Before I get too far down the road, let's collaborate on what would make this place useful for you:


      • What are your hot topics?
      • Problems you are trying to solve?
      • What would make it easier for you to do your job?
      • How can we help you make your community more successful?
      • What else would you like to see?


      I'm running through the reports on both the Jive Internal Communities and Jive External Communities places to get some idea of what the most popular topics are as well as what you seem to be asking questions about the most. Here's the hottest topics that come up frequently and have a lot of views or comments:


      • Corporate Communications
      • How to explain Jive to stakeholders
      • Sharepoint vs. Jive
      • When to use Jive vs. email or other comm tools
      • When to create spaces vs. groups
      • How to train large employee base for social intranet
      • Spam management
      • Knowledge Base creation and management
      • Gamification
      • Community examples
      • SEO tips and tricks


      We know that community managers are the heartbeats of their company, so please let me know what you think about this idea and what else you would like to see covered.


      I really appreciate your input!