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    Need your feedback on Community Manager Central

    Libby Taylor

      I'm hoping I can get some feedback from the community managers in our midst.

      I want to create a space in the Jive Community that pulls together all things pertinent to community management (aka Community Manager Central). The focus would be on official best practices and how-to types of articles and the space would point to the discussions happening in both of the community groups here in the JC: Jive Internal Communities and Jive External Communities . Since these groups mentioned are primarily focused on community member discussions, I think an umbrella space that contains more official helper content for community managers would be awesome. Heck, the developers have Jive Developers and the partners have Partner Community, don't we need a space where everything comes together as well?


      Before I get too far down the road, let's collaborate on what would make this place useful for you:


      • What are your hot topics?
      • Problems you are trying to solve?
      • What would make it easier for you to do your job?
      • How can we help you make your community more successful?
      • What else would you like to see?


      I'm running through the reports on both the Jive Internal Communities and Jive External Communities places to get some idea of what the most popular topics are as well as what you seem to be asking questions about the most. Here's the hottest topics that come up frequently and have a lot of views or comments:


      • Corporate Communications
      • How to explain Jive to stakeholders
      • Sharepoint vs. Jive
      • When to use Jive vs. email or other comm tools
      • When to create spaces vs. groups
      • How to train large employee base for social intranet
      • Spam management
      • Knowledge Base creation and management
      • Gamification
      • Community examples
      • SEO tips and tricks


      We know that community managers are the heartbeats of their company, so please let me know what you think about this idea and what else you would like to see covered.


      I really appreciate your input!

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          Patty McEnaney



          I think this is a great idea.Here's a few topics in my head right now:


          Making the Case for Social Business:

          • New to Community Management: Explain Social Business Benefits in 11 Simple Ways Rachel Happe


          Starting New Communities:

          • You are starting an Internal Community -- checklist or list of questions to think about
          • You are starting a new External Community -- checklist or list of questions to think about
          • Sample Use Cases (document by Gia Lyons)
          • Using Jive as a Knowledge Management System (Matt Nevill discussion)


          Community Manager Training Modules (Leigh Pankonien)


          Different levels of Community Manager responsibilities (Deirde Walsh -- Are All Community Managers Created Equal)


          Overview or HomePage Design


          Places vs. Spaces (nuf said)



          • Todd Miller "Hand-holding. Great for Campfires. Not for Changing Business"
          • Lindsay Forcino discussion "How do you train 26,000 people to use Jive as a social internet???" from January 26, 2015
          • Mike Crocker "What user or management training are you creating?" December 22, 2009
          • Virginia Ultrich "What's in it for Me? An Adoption Strategy for your Social Intranet" Jive Talks, March, 24, 2015



          Mapping Community Progress:

          • The CMR Community Maturity Model (one-pager)
          • CMR Metrics from 2015 State of the Community Report (if you can extract them -- something like "2015 Average" "2015 Best" as it relates to Consumers, Participating and Contributing.
          • Claire Flanagan's Advanced Measurement documents and Participation Ladder
          • Pitfalls of establishing enterprise-wide metrics too early
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            Libby Taylor

            Just a quick update on this... We will be launching this place in conjunction with the design go-live and I will continue to publish and build out materials as mentioned in the comments above as well as what anyone continues to add. Thanks for your help!

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                Libby, can you help me understand how this new group would be different from the The specified item was not found. group? I thought that was where we all come together to share common questions/answers/materials. Please understand, I'm not against what you are trying to do, but also trying to keep from getting more confused and having the conversations further diluted.

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                    Kara Francis

                    I wonder if the community manager place would not be limited to customers.  So those considering Jive would have access.  But only customers have access to the Jive Customers group.  Libby can of course verify.


                    It's going to take some conscious thought when deciding where to post stuff, internal, external community manager, customers, etc. Lots of overlap.

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                        Libby Taylor

                        Here's how it will break down from the CM POV:


                        • Community Manager Central - "official" docs outlining how-to, best practices, etc (these could be written by Jivers or users)
                        • Internal Communities - still mainly a discussion group, ask a question, find an answer about Internal community challenges
                        • External Communities - still mainly a discussion group, ask a question, find an answer about external community challenges
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                        Libby Taylor

                        Sure Tracy, the Jive Customers group is a private group focused on customers from all walks of life, so the group contains execs, tech managers, system people, community managers, developers etc in that group having conversations with Jivers from product and customer marketing focusing on those subjects in particularly.


                        Community Manager Central would be an open group specifically targeted at community managers. It would be a single place where content pertaining to the experience and role of community managers would be centralized. Unlike the Jive Customer group, we want to populate CMC with best practices and how-to thought leadership aimed specifically at the challenges faced by community managers.  We don't really use the Jive Customer group for that purpose at all.



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                      All of the topics mentioned are great. I would also add that my internal community (version 7, on prem) struggles with management of content (as do I)-- there is no easy way to see all the content in a place without paging through it all. There is no easy way to remove content other than one piece at a time. Old content is already cluttering up our search, so if there are any tips and feedback about managing the place, that would be great. Also, as an Internal CM, there is no easy way to view all groups, see inactive groups, or remove a batch of groups.

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                          Melissa, this is exactly what we are struggling with ourselves.  We are on the cloud but same issues persist.  We need better tools to manage the community (content and places) to declutter and easily identify and take action on outdated information. More admin tools! I know 7Summits is working on some tools to manage content and places but, in my opinion, this should be out of the box Jive functionality. There are lots of ideas about this in the community.



                          I'm sure there are more I didn't find.