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    ExternalStreamActivityEntity: user visibility?


      Our product has the concept of private recognition between users that are not visible to anyone but the senders and recipients.


      Regular Jive REST Rest API v3.10 → Discussion entity seems to have a visibility field that makes it possible to have private objects only visible to a limited number of people.


      I'm looking for a similar functionality with Jive REST Rest API v3.10 → ExternalStreamActivity entity objects - is something like this possible?


      Right now, when an Recognition story is made private I feel like my only option in Jive is to delete the external object from Jive.  This is undesirable as the object could then be made public again.  This means I would have to re-create the external object in Jive along with all the comments (I don't comments are even possible server-side at the moment?).


      Ping Ryan and Markus

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          Ryan Rutan

          That's an interesting question.


          IMO, if it makes sense with the flows.  If a recognition story is selected as Private on Create...then activity should NOT be created .. but rather a DM or Share with the link between the two parties.


          After the fact, if the story is marked as public ... then creating activity in the stream makes sense, and pretty sure you can replay the comments with a backdated timestamp (need to check, I know you can do it with content).


          Now if the item is then made private again...that's where this starts to break down. 


          I would say, once public ... always public ... because emails and notifications have gone out at that point ... and the perception of private after public is false.


          Those are my thoughts.  does that help?

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