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    Accessing our REST API




      My company's IT team is unable to assist, so I hope someone here can.


      I am trying to access the Jive API like so: curl -v -u 'username:password'  https://uat.skynet.groupon.com/api/core/v3/contents


      My IT team has informed me to use my username and AD password.  When I do, I get this error:


      {"message":"No AuthenticationProvider found for org.springframework.security.authentication.UsernamePasswordAuthenticationToken","code":401}

      Can anyone help?  I don't know what this means or how to authenticate to the Jive API.  I have plenty of curl/REST/API experience, but I am totally stumped.

      Andrew Mishalove Ryan Rutan

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          Ryan Rutan

          It looks like your environment is setup for SSO and most likely the account you are trying to use is not native to Jive.  Have your team setup a service account via jive admin console.  Pretty sure that is the problem, as Jive doesn't have the ability to do SSO for accounts it doesn't know the credentials for inline in an API call that is out of the browser.  This is where Getting an OAuth token will help.


          Hope this helps,


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