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    Displaying Jive content (Status, Blog, Discussion, Polls) on a SharePoint aspx non-web part page


      Good Morning,


      My company uses Jive internally as well as a large intranet with SharePoint sites, static html sites, etc.


      We have a few departmental home pages that were built as .aspx with just plain html. I'm using an rss script that pulls Jive rss feeds into each page and works great. However it only works great if you've been on Jive already that day and you are signed in. We have Jive set up so it signs you in as soon as you open it so no need for username or password.


      Problem: If you have NOT been on Jive that day, once you open the SharePoint (non-web part aspx) page you will not see the rss feeds and the user just sees blank space in those areas of the page.


      I realize due to cross domain origin restrictions that iframes is not an option. We also do not have SharePoint for Jive app available to us. Pretty much stuck with client side scripting (javascript and JQuery, Bootstrap, etc)



      Goal: Allow for all users to be able to see the feeds on each department home page without having to physically open a Jive session.


      I've tried all sorts of little work around hacks like hidden windows, and quick popups that open and disappear but everything like that opens the Jive session too late after the web page has loaded.


      Any suggestions or tips or examples to share are much appreciated.


      Thank You